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When you think of glass your thinking windows, sliding glass doors, or even something you may drink from. Frost glass for your kitchen storage space is  very elegant, and clean looking, also by adding soft lighting to your cabinets will enhance the look of your glass doors. Would you ever consider having glass cabinets that […] > View article


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Lets just say that you are one of the lucky ones to have more than one bathroom in your home. Face it when you have to go you got to go. You are  getting ready for the day and your little one needs to go, that means you stop what you are doing, how frustrating […] > View article

What ever your business is you will need a place to do it. You may work out of your home, or you may be planning to rent out a space. What do you want this space to say before you pitch yourself to a future customer or client. Lets face it, if it does not […] > View article

The use of natural light can be soothing, relaxing and energizing. We need light to function in our homes.When you are working in your kitchen is it necessary to turn on a light or could you use mother natures light for as long as you can through out the day. When you are bathing in […] > View article

Glass is an outstanding addition to your kitchen cabinetry. This will  provide visual interest and a customized look. Gleaming surfaces help bounce light around to give you that sunshine feel, and the glow of a sunset. Mosaic glass is colorful, beautiful, and elegant to look at. You can have this made from a favorite picture, […] > View article

  Suburban living has gotten so congested that when you walk out side you may feel like WOW even the seagulls are living right on top of each other. Have you ever thought about living on the water?  You can have a modern home right on the water and you will experience a whole new […] > View article

  Kitchens and the future, we have come a long way from particle board cabinets. Real wood cabinetry is a favorite, but awareness of depleting the forest weighs heavy on most people these days. Trees benefit our environment in so many ways. We now have new materials out there that will help keep us green […] > View article

Do you have a condo that can use a kitchen facelift? The Cabinet factory can create the perfect design for your small space. Whether you have a small apartment or condo the kitchen doesn’t have to be stuck in a time warp.   Often we think we are limited to the layout or footprint of […] > View article