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  Suburban living has gotten so congested that when you walk out side you may feel like WOW even the seagulls are living right on top of each other. Have you ever thought about living on the water?  You can have a modern home right on the water and you will experience a whole new […] > View article

An oasis in your own backyard. What an idea, you can recreate the place you love to visit right in your very own yard. You can give it the feel of being on a lake.     Your dream can become your reality! Having a full outdoor kitchen next to your pool provides an excellent […] > View article

Your patio should be a place where you can retreat to at any time. This is your outside entertainment domain. This is where you show off your catering ability in the outdoors.  Outside mingling just takes a little bit of placement and creativity. Where are they going to sit and eat? The right seating, and […] > View article

Everyone has there own taste and style. Your home is your kingdom, so who says you can not have any type of dwelling that you can image. This tree house will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Most homes like these may be for rent at certain times of […] > View article

Having a pool has many benefits. You can use it for entertainment or exercise. You may have been injured and are in need of some rehabilitation to regain your strength water aerobics is a great way to accomplish this. You may already have an amazing view in your back yard. The only thing you might […] > View article

Who doesn’t love plants or some type of agriculture in there home. Not only is the effect of agriculture beautiful in your home it also plays a large part in the quality of air in your home. There are all kinds of plants out there, so even if you have allergies you will be able […] > View article

Have you been thinking of a vacation lately? Wanting to spend quality time with your family away from all the distraction in your everyday life. You are all in the same house but never see each other do to the fact of technology. Even going on a vacation to a nice hotel still will not […] > View article

Having a walkway in your yard will enhance your yards appeal and also help cut down on the dirt that gets into your home. Easy to keep clean. Just take your water hose to it and spray it down, or sweep it clean. A simple pathway can be a brilliant one, just by adding plants […] > View article