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Do you have a style that you would like to incorporate into you home design? Do you love the look and feel of wood? By adding a wood floor to your kitchen will provide that warm sophisticated feel you long for. Another way to enhance your wooden cabinets is to add under cabinet lighting. A […] > View article


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  Color is a prominent element in kitchen designing. It adds charm and bright effect in the kitchen. This element attracts the attention of everyone. Kitchen design cannot be complete without proper coloring. There are many regions in the kitchen which can be focused through coloring. Color has its own significance and relevance at particular […] > View article

We may not all be into feng shui, but we all like the idea of an inviting atmosphere. Your whole house could be this way starting from the curb all the way to the inside of your closet. Style, organization, charming decor can help you achieve the welcoming feeling you desire. As we enter we […] > View article

After the food is served and the kitchen is all cleaned up. Why not take a long hot soak in your newly renovated bathroom? Sauna anyone? This is the room that enhances the senses and relaxes the mind. So go ahead indulge yourself! Everyone deserves a place where they can renew and restore energy. Add […] > View article

When you are out scouting for a lot to build your dream house on. Consider incorporating some of those trees into your home design. If you have usable lumber why not try to use it to make a table, chairs, counter top, columns, beams, etc. You chose that spot for a reason, so way not […] > View article

For those who have fireplaces, and are tiered of the framing around your cozy, inviting fire place. Lets give it a face lift by adding glass title around it and see if that’s a look you would like. Surrounding your fireplace with stone is a fashionable way to go . It brings an element of […] > View article

Nothing says wow like a back splash! For the more adventurous. You can add a bold color using glass tile. The shiny surface of the glass provides an eye catching accent to your kitchen. Notice how the color captures your attention. Natural stone tile is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen.  […] > View article

All white! Why not. This kitchen is warm even though it’s all white. The cabinet style and design gives it a touch of class. the main feature of a white kitchen is the ability to add color. You can accessorize with color or you can use paint to add the that punch of color.   […] > View article