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When you think of glass your thinking windows, sliding glass doors, or even something you may drink from. Frost glass for your kitchen storage space is  very elegant, and clean looking, also by adding soft lighting to your cabinets will enhance the look of your glass doors. Would you ever consider having glass cabinets that […] > View article

A back splash is an integral part of your kitchen. It is one of the many items to consider when renovating your kitchen. There are myriad of texture and materials to chose from. Glass tiles are a popular trend. A back splash can be understated or it can create the wow effect for any kitchen. […] > View article

Well we”ve made it through the holidays and it”s time for setting new goals. If renovating your bathroom is one of yours here are some ideas. Cabinetry is an important part of your design. Some of us prefer the clean lines of contemporary cabinets. Contemporary cabinets give the illusion of a larger space. Bathroom cabinetry […] > View article

Do you suffer from small kitchen syndrome? Think your doomed to keep the same layout? Well you do not have to be! There are options you may not have thought possible. By having a designer create a new design for your kitchen you can have that kitchen of your dreams! Sometimes just relocating a sink […] > View article


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Do you get complements, be it on your landscaping, the decor in your home, what about your kitchen? Do your guest come in and say wow nice kitchen cabinets, do you want them to, if you do then it is time to remodel that kitchen. Have you been dreaming of a stainless steal kitchen, and […] > View article

Do you take pride in your image? I think we all do that in one way or another. Where does it start? It starts with you, and then branches out from there, through your children, your home, and your car. These are all extensions of who you really are. Not to say you have to […] > View article

  Color is a prominent element in kitchen designing. It adds charm and bright effect in the kitchen. This element attracts the attention of everyone. Kitchen design cannot be complete without proper coloring. There are many regions in the kitchen which can be focused through coloring. Color has its own significance and relevance at particular […] > View article

Modern, country, traditional, rustic, cafe, technology these are themes you may have introduced into your home, do you know what your theme is? Would you like to tweak a little bit or change it completely. Is your whole house one these or is it an array of several different themes. Your kitchen is the most […] > View article