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The interior decorating of the house has a different set of rules than exterior decorating. To decorate the interior your home , your lifestyle and family lifestyle take the front seat when making decisions.  So when you decorate the exterior of your house, the your neighbors and your curb appeal become the main factors. Exterior […] > View article

The cooler weather is upon us and we catch the Autumn fever as it caresses our cheeks. The crisp air and the colorful leaves capture our senses. Encouraging our taste buds to prepare for the festivities ahead. Preparing our minds for all of the tastes associated with fall.Many of us enjoy adding visual effects to […] > View article

When you are out scouting for a lot to build your dream house on. Consider incorporating some of those trees into your home design. If you have usable lumber why not try to use it to make a table, chairs, counter top, columns, beams, etc. You chose that spot for a reason, so way not […] > View article

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The outdoors become a bright and colorful  pallet. The air has that enticing feel that makes you  want to be outdoors and roll around in the piles of leaves. This is a great time to freshen up your landscape. Some of us enjoy decorating our front door as […] > View article

  Kitchens and the future, we have come a long way from particle board cabinets. Real wood cabinetry is a favorite, but awareness of depleting the forest weighs heavy on most people these days. Trees benefit our environment in so many ways. We now have new materials out there that will help keep us green […] > View article

It’s that time of the year to spruce up your favorite summer spots. Freshen up your porch with some paint. Add some railing, spandrels, brackets balusters and hanging plants. You will have created the perfect Victorian porch. You can sit in your favorite rockers and enjoy the outdoors on your new porch.     A […] > View article

Flowers and a pot! So many wonderful colors, and textures to choose from. Many ways to decorate your home inside and out. Looking for a change in the normal look of pots on a stand, on the window sill,  just hanging around. You can mount them on your wall and create a flower pot mural. […] > View article

Everyone has there own taste and style. Your home is your kingdom, so who says you can not have any type of dwelling that you can image. This tree house will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Most homes like these may be for rent at certain times of […] > View article