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A bathroom should be a sanctuary, an escape from your hectic daily life. There is no difference when it comes to universal bathroom design. A universal bathroom is designed with style while accommodating the needs of everyone. When renovating your bathroom considering the family dynamics will assist in creating a space that is user friendly […] > View article


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  Color is a prominent element in kitchen designing. It adds charm and bright effect in the kitchen. This element attracts the attention of everyone. Kitchen design cannot be complete without proper coloring. There are many regions in the kitchen which can be focused through coloring. Color has its own significance and relevance at particular […] > View article

When you are out scouting for a lot to build your dream house on. Consider incorporating some of those trees into your home design. If you have usable lumber why not try to use it to make a table, chairs, counter top, columns, beams, etc. You chose that spot for a reason, so way not […] > View article

The right floor can make your newly remodeled kitchen a work  of art.Nowadays, the latest trend in kitchen design is to embrace the home owner’s individuality. People are mixing and matching materials in the kitchen. They are choosing cherry and maple cabinets rather than the standard oak. Decorative tiles are being installed on countertops and […] > View article

Floors, textures and colors play a big part in your  kitchen. By combining these three items you will bring your design together. They add a flare like no other to your kitchen. Textures are the spice of life for many designs.     Colors also lend a certain flare to any room and can make […] > View article

When we think of summer we think of cool colors. Colors play a large part in the design when planning your kitchen renovation. There are many different styles to choose from when selecting your summer kitchen cabinets. The blue colored cabinetry displayed in the picture below, gives this kitchen a cool cottage feel.   The […] > View article

Sophistication is what a dark wood floor brings to mind .The rich dark color is a statement in it’s self. The right flooring will enhance your decor tremendously.     Hardwood is a very popular type of floor. Long lasting, durable, brings value to your home. You can put hardwood floors throughout your home. Bamboo […] > View article