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As spring approaches we begin thinking about the changes we would like to make in our home. The kitchen tends to be one of the first locations for improvement. There are a variety of ways you can change the appearance without a complete renovation. Adding a fresh coat of paint, perhaps changing the color will […] > View article


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Do you take pride in your image? I think we all do that in one way or another. Where does it start? It starts with you, and then branches out from there, through your children, your home, and your car. These are all extensions of who you really are. Not to say you have to […] > View article

Lets head out to the cafe for brunch, wait a minute we can have it right here! Call everyone on over. Kitchen remodeling opens up a world of options. What is your style? Do you enjoy catching up with friends over a good cup of coffee? You can create the cafe environment in your own […] > View article

It”s here that time you dreamed of for so long. Your kitchen renovation! Often we get so caught up in the dream and excitement of the end result, we overlook the reality of renovation. Here are some helpful tips when planing your kitchen renovation. Keep in mind you may have limited access to your sink, […] > View article

You have finished the kitchen remodel, or so you think. Your new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash have been installed. The walls have fresh coats of paint, and the new tile floor has been put in. But something seems to be missing. The kitchen looks exactly how you had planned, but it is not tied […] > View article

  Kitchens and the future, we have come a long way from particle board cabinets. Real wood cabinetry is a favorite, but awareness of depleting the forest weighs heavy on most people these days. Trees benefit our environment in so many ways. We now have new materials out there that will help keep us green […] > View article

When we think of summer we think of cool colors. Colors play a large part in the design when planning your kitchen renovation. There are many different styles to choose from when selecting your summer kitchen cabinets. The blue colored cabinetry displayed in the picture below, gives this kitchen a cool cottage feel.   The […] > View article

Look at what’s out there for you in the kitchen world today. Style, convenience,  jaw dropping designs. If you could wouldn’t you want to go for it all. Making upgrades in your home is a wise idea for you and your home investments. This increases the value of your home we know this, but the […] > View article