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Do you have children who are at that transitional stage? Here are some ideas that will assist with the tweens room decor. As we all know it seems as though your little girl goes from baby to adolescent overnight. They are no longer interested in dolls and stuffed animals. Now they want a room that […] > View article


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We may not all be into feng shui, but we all like the idea of an inviting atmosphere. Your whole house could be this way starting from the curb all the way to the inside of your closet. Style, organization, charming decor can help you achieve the welcoming feeling you desire. As we enter we […] > View article

The investment you make in your kitchen renovation is one that should last years; however, the kitchen is one room in the house where preventing mishaps is nearly impossible. With the constant usage of oils and other liquids by countless people, there are many ways situations can go sour; grease can find its way onto […] > View article

Some ideas for that small room in your home. Make this room useful, decorate it and invite a family member over give them there own room. You may have more than one person over and it has gotten late, bad weather, maybe a little to much to drink so this calls for a sleep over […] > View article

  Suburban living has gotten so congested that when you walk out side you may feel like WOW even the seagulls are living right on top of each other. Have you ever thought about living on the water?  You can have a modern home right on the water and you will experience a whole new […] > View article

Having a spare room provides several options. Many of us dream of having a home office. Others need a guestroom for visiting relatives. Why not have the best of both worlds. Cabinetry can cover many of your needs.     You can personalize this room with color and by adding some special touches. Thus maintaining […] > View article

  Teen rooms can be kind of tricky to decorate, especially if the room is small. With use of cabinetry the bed has a built in effect. The cabinetry provides much needed storage While adding a decorative touch. the use of colored horizontal stripes gives the illusion of a wider space.   Teens tend to […] > View article

Your life style is your own, so why not show it off ! People are into different things, on your block or street most of your homes are similar on the out side. You may think well there is the inside of my home that say’s who I am, well yes we all have that […] > View article

For most of us the bedroom is our sanctuary. The combination of earth tones, natural wood and dim lighting provide a warm cozy feeling in this room. By adding wood cabinetry to your room you can increase storage and minimize overcrowding the space. This is certainly a room for relaxation. You can come home and […] > View article