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Choosing to remodel your bathroom does not mean you have to break the bank, it may just take installing a new vanity that fits your taste and style. This is also an easy way to enhance your bathroom experience,  by giving you much needed storage space. There are vanities that are already assembled and all […] > View article

Do have a place in your home where you can get peace, meditate, reflect on you, your life goals? There are places in your home where you can do this. It may be a comfort chair set off in a corner somewhere or your master bathroom, then you have the outdoors. This will all depend […] > View article

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, an escape from your hectic daily life. There is no difference when it comes to universal bathroom design. A universal bathroom is designed with style while accommodating the needs of everyone. When renovating your bathroom considering the family dynamics will assist in creating a space that is user friendly […] > View article

Well we”ve made it through the holidays and it”s time for setting new goals. If renovating your bathroom is one of yours here are some ideas. Cabinetry is an important part of your design. Some of us prefer the clean lines of contemporary cabinets. Contemporary cabinets give the illusion of a larger space. Bathroom cabinetry […] > View article


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Everyone loves the smell of Christmas, with fragrances of fine home-cooked foods, cinnamon and mulled wine, Christmas aromas often fill you with feelings of comfort and joy. This is why Christmas candles with fragrance can be the perfect bathroom accessory. They can mask unappealing bathroom odors with a familiar fragrance. To create the ultimate festive […] > View article

Lets just say that you are one of the lucky ones to have more than one bathroom in your home. Face it when you have to go you got to go. You are  getting ready for the day and your little one needs to go, that means you stop what you are doing, how frustrating […] > View article

Creating a functional bathroom. We have the obvious toilet, sink and tub or shower.  What kind of cabinetry will suit your needs? Do you have space for a linen closet in your bathroom? If not you can add a counter top cabinet for your linens, as displayed in this traditional bathroom. Or do you prefer […] > View article

After the food is served and the kitchen is all cleaned up. Why not take a long hot soak in your newly renovated bathroom? Sauna anyone? This is the room that enhances the senses and relaxes the mind. So go ahead indulge yourself! Everyone deserves a place where they can renew and restore energy. Add […] > View article

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, a new bathroom vanity combined with a fresh new color on the walls can do wonders. A few new accessories are also a nice touch. Here are some quick ways to give your bathroom design an instant makeover. Adding a bright new color to the walls of your […] > View article