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Having a place to hang out with your friends and family no mater what the weather is doing outside. An adult retreat, the one place in your home you know will always be inviting after a long day out in the real world. There are many ways you can have a place away from your […] > View article

In need of more living space and you do not have the room to build out, well then remodel what you already have like your attic space, cellar, garage, sun room, or you can close in your carport. Is your preteen or teenager wanting their own space away from their younger siblings. To keep the […] > View article

You may have a workshop in your home, and think this is something just for tools. This is not so if you are the amazing chef in your house hold you should have your own workshop zone something like this might be the way to go. Maybe you would like to add a little style […] > View article

Don’t think of  your basement as a  structure partly below ground level where your furnace, water heater, and breaker panel are. Transform that under-utilized space into a habitable area for family and friends. You can divide this space up  by adding additional separate ares such as a second kitchen! Notice how the Stainless Steele appliances […] > View article