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Do have a place in your home where you can get peace, meditate, reflect on you, your life goals? There are places in your home where you can do this. It may be a comfort chair set off in a corner somewhere or your master bathroom, then you have the outdoors. This will all depend […] > View article


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It’s that wonderful time of year again. The outdoors become a bright and colorful  pallet. The air has that enticing feel that makes you  want to be outdoors and roll around in the piles of leaves. This is a great time to freshen up your landscape. Some of us enjoy decorating our front door as […] > View article

All white! Why not. This kitchen is warm even though it’s all white. The cabinet style and design gives it a touch of class. the main feature of a white kitchen is the ability to add color. You can accessorize with color or you can use paint to add the that punch of color.   […] > View article

Home fashions that says it all about who you are! From the boldest art to the smallest nicknack can make your home a fashion statement to those who enter your home.   Textures and materials are very fashionable you just have to know how to make them work for you. This all in one faucet […] > View article

  It’s that time of the year again! A time we can enjoy entertaining our family and friends outdoors. We all have our own backyard dream. Here are some ideas that will allow you to make those dreams come true.     Today’s cabinetry and appliances can be used indoors or out. Why let us […] > View article

An oasis in your own backyard. What an idea, you can recreate the place you love to visit right in your very own yard. You can give it the feel of being on a lake.     Your dream can become your reality! Having a full outdoor kitchen next to your pool provides an excellent […] > View article

Having a full  kitchen on your deck can help in so many ways. First it will cut down on the traffic in and out of your home,  it will help keep your power bill lower, and it adds value to your home.     You may already have a kitchen outdoors, and would like to […] > View article

Your patio should be a place where you can retreat to at any time. This is your outside entertainment domain. This is where you show off your catering ability in the outdoors.  Outside mingling just takes a little bit of placement and creativity. Where are they going to sit and eat? The right seating, and […] > View article

When you hear the word cabinets you probably think of the kitchen first and then the bathroom, but it’s time to take the cabinets and move them outside! I know most, if not every single one of us, has performed the impossible balancing act. We try to carry out the hamburgers and hot dogs, the […] > View article