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Where do you put your kids for the holiday meal? You put at there own table that say you are a part of the holiday meal. Make the table fun, make them feel like they are the center of attention. When you put forth a little creativity to the little ones you will never be […] > View article

We may not all be into feng shui, but we all like the idea of an inviting atmosphere. Your whole house could be this way starting from the curb all the way to the inside of your closet. Style, organization, charming decor can help you achieve the welcoming feeling you desire. As we enter we […] > View article

The cooler weather is upon us and we catch the Autumn fever as it caresses our cheeks. The crisp air and the colorful leaves capture our senses. Encouraging our taste buds to prepare for the festivities ahead. Preparing our minds for all of the tastes associated with fall.Many of us enjoy adding visual effects to […] > View article