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Shelves play an important part in our daily living. We my not even think about how much we depend on them from holding our fine china to a nicknack. You can get creative and use shelving as a piece of art work on your wall. Let the light shine threw with open shelving in your […] > View article

As we all know that gooooolish time of  year is approaching! Here is a recipe for for some Halloween fun with the kids. They are fast, fun and easy to make. spider cupcakes Prep Time: 20 min. Bake Time: 18-21 min. Decoration Time: 25 min. Difficulty: Easy Yield: Makes 24 cupcakes. 1 box (18.25 oz.) […] > View article

A kitchen island serves both the purpose and also adds aesthetic charm to your kitchen decor. Sufficient counter space is a essential part of your kitchen. During the planning phase or your kitchen renovation consider the possibility of adding an Island to your kitchen. You it is recommended to  have a minimum of 36″s of […] > View article

Are you bored of the common bathroom design? Let’s get creative, and maybe a little outrageous. This is your home why not have everything you want and more. Take your master bath and turn it into a paradise. What about your bedroom feeling like a major change to that typical layout you have been living […] > View article

Glass is an outstanding addition to your kitchen cabinetry. This will  provide visual interest and a customized look. Gleaming surfaces help bounce light around to give you that sunshine feel, and the glow of a sunset. Mosaic glass is colorful, beautiful, and elegant to look at. You can have this made from a favorite picture, […] > View article

A traditional style kitchen is a way to keep the past alive for generations to come. The old world charm is a classy one, you may even feel like royalty when you enter your kitchen. With the products of today that traditional look will be durable, energy efficient, and could be a topic of conversion. […] > View article

When you are out scouting for a lot to build your dream house on. Consider incorporating some of those trees into your home design. If you have usable lumber why not try to use it to make a table, chairs, counter top, columns, beams, etc. You chose that spot for a reason, so way not […] > View article

In this time we are trying to be more Eco friendly, most of us love real wood for our cabinets, floors, stairs, fireplace mantles, shelves, etc. But did you know that bamboo is a material that is durable, very stylish and can be grown and harvested faster than tree’s. This is what a bamboo kitchen […] > View article

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The outdoors become a bright and colorful  pallet. The air has that enticing feel that makes you  want to be outdoors and roll around in the piles of leaves. This is a great time to freshen up your landscape. Some of us enjoy decorating our front door as […] > View article

For those who have fireplaces, and are tiered of the framing around your cozy, inviting fire place. Lets give it a face lift by adding glass title around it and see if that’s a look you would like. Surrounding your fireplace with stone is a fashionable way to go . It brings an element of […] > View article