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Home fashions that says it all about who you are! From the boldest art to the smallest nicknack can make your home a fashion statement to those who enter your home.   Textures and materials are very fashionable you just have to know how to make them work for you. This all in one faucet […] > View article

Tired of a messy laundry room? Get organized by adding cabinetry to your laundry room. Not only will it be organized but you will have created a neat work zone. So laundry time doesn’t have to feel like torture, you will be in a better mood when that time comes around, and your family will […] > View article

  Because of the elegant and modern look of Cherry wood cabinets many  kitchen distributors and  designers say they are in popular demand these days. The richness of its reddish brown color make for a very attractive design in all size kitchens.  Cherry wood is considered a premium wood, therefore it is one of the […] > View article

Creating your own personal living space takes careful planning. With the right planning you can take what you only imagined and turn it into something that can give you years of enjoyment. The journey of creating an attractive living space can be accomplished in five simple steps, one that you will be proud to call […] > View article

You know your style, but what is it? You could be classy, modern, retro. You might have a style for every room in your home. Some people also set themes thought out there homes. Adding cabinetry to the wall creates a more open feel to this room.   Would you want to have a simple […] > View article

  The kitchen is the most used room in your home. It has become the social hub of homes thought out the world. The kitchen is not just a place for cooking or eating any more it has become a gathering place for friends and family.     Memories, life talks, passing down secret family […] > View article

Many people work out of there homes plus have jobs outside the home. A side job of catering in tales a fully equipped kitchen to handle the multitude of cooking that goes on. This is your home so you want a good design plan that will give you the proper flow you need in your […] > View article

Some ideas for that small room in your home. Make this room useful, decorate it and invite a family member over give them there own room. You may have more than one person over and it has gotten late, bad weather, maybe a little to much to drink so this calls for a sleep over […] > View article

  Are you tired of cramming your things into your old cabinets, and storage spaces? Do you have room for your kitchen needs? It is time to do something about those small, out of date cabinets and storage spaces.     Space, clean lines, room for you to move around, and do what you do […] > View article

  Suburban living has gotten so congested that when you walk out side you may feel like WOW even the seagulls are living right on top of each other. Have you ever thought about living on the water?  You can have a modern home right on the water and you will experience a whole new […] > View article