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Sinks are a vital part of your kitchen. Are you the one everyone comes to for great meals? Love to cook and feed the neighborhood? That would mean the use of large pots and pans. Farm sinks are great for large items. They are deep, wide and long. Most of all they are available in […] > View article

Today’s trend is moving toward industrial appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, etc you will find them in many home kitchens. They add that industrial quality appearance to the kitchen. When considering these appliances as part of your kitchen remodel, you will want to do some extensive research. Targeting your specific needs is a great place to start. […] > View article

  Teen rooms can be kind of tricky to decorate, especially if the room is small. With use of cabinetry the bed has a built in effect. The cabinetry provides much needed storage While adding a decorative touch. the use of colored horizontal stripes gives the illusion of a wider space.   Teens tend to […] > View article

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a storage shed, a big garage or a basement area that you could dedicate strictly for storage? Storage space is something we never seem to have enough of. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage then adding cabinetry, shelving, bike hooks etc. can help you get organized. You […] > View article

Floors, textures and colors play a big part in your  kitchen. By combining these three items you will bring your design together. They add a flare like no other to your kitchen. Textures are the spice of life for many designs.     Colors also lend a certain flare to any room and can make […] > View article

As many of us have previously experienced with renovations come surprises. most times we begin with the original foot print. Then we come to find out we have options. Among these options may be relocating appliances, electrical receptacles, plumbing or even walls. The photo below is a prime example of relocating appliances. What a remarkable […] > View article

One of the ways we try to save money on our kitchen renovations is the finishing touches. The finishing touches are the very items that truly personalize your kitchen. Lighting is a very important part of your renovation. However most people tend to cut back on this area. Keep in mind these reasons for lighting […] > View article

Do you have a condo that can use a kitchen facelift? The Cabinet factory can create the perfect design for your small space. Whether you have a small apartment or condo the kitchen doesn’t have to be stuck in a time warp.   Often we think we are limited to the layout or footprint of […] > View article

  It’s that time of the year again! A time we can enjoy entertaining our family and friends outdoors. We all have our own backyard dream. Here are some ideas that will allow you to make those dreams come true.     Today’s cabinetry and appliances can be used indoors or out. Why let us […] > View article

Your life style is your own, so why not show it off ! People are into different things, on your block or street most of your homes are similar on the out side. You may think well there is the inside of my home that say’s who I am, well yes we all have that […] > View article