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Everything in it’s place clean looking, clutter free, organization, that’s the advantage of having your appliances built right into your cabinetry, or your kitchen island.     What ever your thing is we can put it in a cabinet to get the maxim use out of the space you have in your kitchen. From your […] > View article

  What a wonderful piece of furniture to have in your kitchen. You can have a free standing butcher block and place it anywhere in your kitchen and move it around if you wanted to. The convenience of having a place to do prep work will open a whole new world of cooking for you. […] > View article

Do have a space that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Consider a butlers pantry. You can use the extra storage for table linens, stemware, china, silverware, etc. With the right cabinetry and design you can create a space that will enhance and provide a focal point in your home.   By adding […] > View article

The backsplash tends to be a focal point in your kitchen. There are many types of material available to choose from. You want to research the style that is right for you. Tile has been used for decades. I provides a classic look whether your style is contemporary or traditional.     These large glass […] > View article

Home decor, like anything else, is very susceptible to fads and trends. One day your design may be the up and coming look, and the next, you may find yourself among the faux pas. To avoid being caught up in the what’s hot and what’s not category stick with a look that can withstand the […] > View article

Home decor and fashion go hand in hand; the ideas and methods of both industries seem to coincide. There are timeless, sort of staple pieces in both clothing and home fashion. The black dress, for example, you can never go wrong with the black dress. The same can be said for a Shaker door style. […] > View article

A question that we often get asked at THE CABINET FACTORY is “What Is The Difference Between Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets?” To many home owners, the cabinets that comprise the over used bathroom vanities are nearly identical to the cabinetry used to store our favorite dinnerware; however, there are subtle differences that make bathroom […] > View article

Tons of home centers and super show rooms promote their extremely low prices on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but what companies such as IKEA forget to tell you is that you may be compromising the quality of the product to save a buck. IKEA may sound like an ideal solution to the ever nagging budget […] > View article

We all love our pets, they are part of the family. We tend to spoil them just as we would our children. If not more! This pooch has his very own two story palace with all the comforts of home. There’s a home for every dogs preference. Some people build mini replicas of their own […] > View article

For most of us the bedroom is our sanctuary. The combination of earth tones, natural wood and dim lighting provide a warm cozy feeling in this room. By adding wood cabinetry to your room you can increase storage and minimize overcrowding the space. This is certainly a room for relaxation. You can come home and […] > View article