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An aesthetically pleasing design as well as a highly functional kitchen lies in the planning. when designing in a small space you must utilize every square inch of it. Fortunately the appliance industry has helped make this possible. Don’t be afraid to dream big when renovating your small kitchen.   Even the most contemporary at […] > View article

Cabinetry is a wonderful way to enhance your dining room. There are curios. china cabinets, and buffets that will increase the beauty of your dining area as well as your much needed storage.     Here, this beautiful built in displays some of your treasured items. It brings a certain character to this otherwise blank […] > View article

Maple cabinetry is the single most popular type of wood used for kitchens and bathrooms. Maple is a durable wood with smooth grain. It is very¬† leasing to the eye. Finishes adhere well and enhance the beauty of the woods natural grain.     There are a variety of Glazes available that work well with […] > View article

Replacing wall cabinets with shelving gives a more open feel to your kitchen. They look good and serve a purpose. Whatever your style, whatever your preference just go for it and make it say WOW!     Adding a focal point to your cooking area can really be an eye catcher. Decorating with a tile […] > View article

Proper design and storage can simplify all of your meal preparation. Below is just one sample of the many options available for the storage of your spices. Placement of your spices near your prep area or your stove will make it easier for you to season all of your meals.     You can build […] > View article

Making good use of a narrow room. This room is designed with built in cabinetry to house all of your entertainment needs. Yet it maintains an open airy feeling. The clean lines of the furniture add to the simple decor of this living room. Leaving plenty of walking space. The arrangement below is an excellent […] > View article

  Have you ever dreamed of your kitchen in color? Well here are some very colorful options for you. KrafMaid has a complete line of European cabinetry to chose from. What’s your favorite color? We can design your kitchen to suite your color needs.   You can have all of the necessities for storage with […] > View article

Are you tired of painting your home’s exterior! Have you ever thought of installing siding to your home? This will enhance your curb appeal, and save you money in the long run. You would not have to paint any more just pressure wash once a year if that.     Modern siding can take you […] > View article

Are you living in an older modular home, and feel the need to upgrade your kitchen? There are wonderful ways we can do this with out completely having to demo your modular home. Just take out the old and install new with plenty of cabinet space for every thing under the sun, and then some. […] > View article

Sophistication is what a dark wood floor brings to mind .The rich dark color is a statement in it’s self. The right flooring will enhance your decor tremendously.     Hardwood is a very popular type of floor. Long lasting, durable, brings value to your home. You can put hardwood floors throughout your home. Bamboo […] > View article