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  Do you have crafts or hobbies that have gone by the wayside, due to lack of work space? Perhaps you have the space but not the organization. A simple solution is to add some cabinetry. Your creativity will soon begin to flow once you get organized.     Perhaps you work at home by […] > View article

Is your garage cluttered and used to store everything but your car? We start out with all of these great ideas for this space but somewhere along the way they get lost under piles of stuff we will most likely never use again. Is your garage begging to be organized? Here are some ideas to […] > View article

No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, most home owners have some form of dead, unused kitchen cabinets. More often than not, the underutilized space is concealed by a fake door or drawer front with nothing behind it. With clutter increasing and space decreasing a serious problem arises. What are you supposed to […] > View article

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Well here are some very unique ideas. If you’re the type of person who enjoys the unusual or at least enjoys reading about it. You are in for a treat. This all wood kitchen was designed specifically for an apartment. So it doesn’t really matter if you own a […] > View article

As we all know, the beauty and elegance of wood cabinetry is timeless. Cabinets make an excellent addition in any room of your house or apartment. For instance you can create a home office in a spare room. A well organized work space will allow you to be free of distraction, and improve your work […] > View article

To go ahead with a remodeling project you used to have to drag yourself to home centers or private show rooms on your free time, now you can buy cabinets online. Website owners are now offering cabinets on the internet for extremely low prices. The convenience of being able to purchase your cabinetry on the […] > View article

The informed consumer makes the best decisions, and when you are remodeling and redesigning your kitchen you should be familiar with the multiple aspects of your kitchen. It can be very overwhelming, trust me, I know, but researching the available and standard sizes in cabinetry will help you plan for your kitchen design layout. This […] > View article

Are you tired of cramped cooking? Expand your kitchen open it up for a more roomy feel. This way you will be able to entertain while you create your meals, and even have two chefs cooking at the same time.     Bringing down the walls to open your kitchen will allow you to interact […] > View article

There are countless design trends out that you see in Home and Garden and other home magazines.  Anything from Tuscan inspired kitchens to country cottages, but today, there is a growing interest in the modern style.  This sleek, linear design can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinets to give you that contemporary feel. KraftMaid offers […] > View article

There are tons of ways to visually enhance your kitchen. Incorporating molding into the mix will change the look of the room without spending tons of money. There are numerous types of molding and multiple ways to utilize it.     Crown molding, dental molding, and scribe molding, oh my! Crown molding is a very […] > View article