Monthly Archives: February 2011

Shades have come along way, do you remember those plastic shades that only came in white or that dark green color. Those ugly shades that blackened out your windows for those who work the night shift. These days we have a multitude of designs and materials to choose from that can accomplish the same goals […] > View article

Some of us have sliding glass doors some where in our homes. Some of them lead us into other rooms and are used for a room divider. You can get styled  glass doors to enhance your rooms decor. Sliding glass doors that lead us outside can have a theme to them. You can choose not […] > View article

In need of more living space and you do not have the room to build out, well then remodel what you already have like your attic space, cellar, garage, sun room, or you can close in your carport. Is your preteen or teenager wanting their own space away from their younger siblings. To keep the […] > View article

Simple steps to create an elegant dinning experience. Throwing  a sophisticated dinner party is pretty easy. A clutter free table setting with a splash of class will go a long way. Your menu for the evening can be a simple salad,  main dish might be pasta, then a simple desert like a cup of ice […] > View article

Flowers and a pot! So many wonderful colors, and textures to choose from. Many ways to decorate your home inside and out. Looking for a change in the normal look of pots on a stand, on the window sill,  just hanging around. You can mount them on your wall and create a flower pot mural. […] > View article

Look at what’s out there for you in the kitchen world today. Style, convenience,  jaw dropping designs. If you could wouldn’t you want to go for it all. Making upgrades in your home is a wise idea for you and your home investments. This increases the value of your home we know this, but the […] > View article

Are you looking for a change in your bedroom? Wanting a more spacious modern look for yourself. Tired of that old fashion feel? Well let’s get you updated, and leave grandma style behind. It’s time to loose that drab style you have been sleeping in. Step it up, indulge yourself with a newly modernized bedroom […] > View article

You take pride in your home flooring why not consider the pavement in which you drive up on. A pavement design will give your home curb appeal as well as increase the value your home . Enhancing your driveway with new pavement and lighting could offer a warm welcome to you and your guests. Concrete […] > View article

There are lot of things you  want to think about when you are purchasing a home. Location, the property it’s self , the neighborhood. Have you ever thought about your view out side your bedroom window? This is something you will be looking out of everyday as you rise for the day and settle in […] > View article

Everyone has there own taste and style. Your home is your kingdom, so who says you can not have any type of dwelling that you can image. This tree house will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Most homes like these may be for rent at certain times of […] > View article