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Have you been thinking of a vacation lately? Wanting to spend quality time with your family away from all the distraction in your everyday life. You are all in the same house but never see each other do to the fact of technology. Even going on a vacation to a nice hotel still will not […] > View article

Having a walkway in your yard will enhance your yards appeal and also help cut down on the dirt that gets into your home. Easy to keep clean. Just take your water hose to it and spray it down, or sweep it clean. A simple pathway can be a brilliant one, just by adding plants […] > View article

Everyone has some type of seating arrangement outdoors, why not create a cozy bed lounge area for you and your family. You can have romantic evening’s, take a afternoon outdoor nap, catch up on some reading or just gaze at the stars!     The material used to make these beds is for outdoor weather. […] > View article

Luxury should be on your mind when it comes to your shower. Standing in the tub while you shower is so yesterday. Separate them,  give yourself the choice. Do I want to shower or take a long hot soak? You can have the best of both worlds! A high tech shower will bring you into […] > View article

People are so very creative! Whether it be designing their own or taking someones creation and adding a part of themselves to it. You then wind up with an extraordinary design. Wanting something different? Something that’s not your basic run of the mill kitchen. Well grab a sketch pad and start designing it for yourself. […] > View article

This time of the year is a great time to refurbish your boat ‘s cabinetry. From the smallest craft to the largest there’s no time like the present to get that ship in ship shape order. You can reface, or install new cabinetry. What ever you do, do it now. You do not want to […] > View article

Are you planing some spring time renovations? Paint is an easy cost effective way to create a new feeling in your home or apartment. Color sets the tone of a room. Soft colors tend to give a more peaceful feeling. Where bold colors say wow. Below are examples to give  you some ideas. Paint is […] > View article

The holidays are over and you have the beach on your mind. If you are thinking about your beach house renovations. Here are some ideas for your beach house kitchen.   Below is a contemporary style kitchen for those who like a modern design. This seating area provides the perfect place for socializing day or night. […] > View article

If you are a minimalist or prefer contemporary design, then you will love European cabinetry. European cabinetry comes in all colors. This kitchen is designed with Chianti cabinets, adding a bold splash of color to your kitchen. For those of you who prefer not only the clean lines but a clean look.These white European cabinets […] > View article

Do you like entertaining with the adult beverage? Would you like to have a more sophisticated look for those bottles, but you have no room for a bar in your home. Then what you need to do is get a liqueur cabinet. It just won’t be a place for your liqueur you will be able […] > View article