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Wanting more natural light around your home well, skylights or roof window’s are the way to go. Not only will you get that natural light you where looking for you will also decrease the need to use your electricity by 30% throughout the day. A skylight in the bathroom provides a multitude of uses. It […] > View article

Looking to break away from that shingle roof, wanting a new look? Long lasting slate has style and natural charm. You can get creative with your flat roof, by adding moss to help insulate and give you a garden feel. A copper roof is also long lasting, and durable. In the case you would have […] > View article

Are you and your spouse having trouble coming to a consensus on the style of your home? Just as you two find harmony in being together, you can extend that harmony by allowing the highlights you most appreciate about your mate’s personality to flow into the rooms of your home. Start by taking some time […] > View article

Your hallway’s are a forgotten place. There are so many things you can do to with this blank canvas. You can fill them with family photos, places you have been. These images you place here can take you back to another time, every time you walk through your  hallway. Shelving is another great way to […] > View article

The rustic timeless character of an old home might be something you would like to incorporate into your modern home. The easiest way to backdate your home or just a single room would be to start with paint, thrift store treasures, and some antiques.Maybe you already have something you can give that weathered look just […] > View article

You can benefit from your home garden in no time at all. Not only will you have edible veggies, but the garden itself is beneficial to you as well as the family. You can plant vegetables together then harvest them. So when you and the family step back and admire the beauty of it, you […] > View article


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On the eve of Christmas everything is all done as you sit back and enjoy the work you put into decorating for this holiday season. Because after tonight it will never be the same again. Why don’t you get a jump on setting the table, one less thing to do on Christmas day. We all […] > View article

Do you love the tropics? Wish you could be there all year round? Creating a tropical room in your home is a nice way to start. This is the perfect fan for that tropical feel. You may live in apartment and might not be able to have a ceiling fan. Don’t worry stylish desk top, […] > View article

Do you ever feel like having a cozy cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa? Intimate dinner with that special some one. All you need is a cozy corner inside or outside your home. Just add a table for two and enjoy your new intimate area. With a table this size you can set up an […] > View article