Monthly Archives: November 2010

You can have attractive flexible storage anywhere you can imagine. Want to maximize your storage space and decrease all that clutter you have collected in various places in your home? Which will  ultimately help you gain space in your home that you’ve lost over the years. Here is an idea for your bedroom to become […] > View article

Tired of a messy laundry room? Get organized by adding cabinetry to your laundry room. Not only will it be organized but you will have created a neat work zone. So laundry time doesn’t have to feel like torture, you will be in a better mood when that time comes around, and your family will […] > View article

Nothing says wow like a back splash! For the more adventurous. You can add a bold color using glass tile. The shiny surface of the glass provides an eye catching accent to your kitchen. Notice how the color captures your attention. Natural stone tile is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen.  […] > View article

Now that we’ve all given thanks and shared lots of Thanksgiving food, We can focus on decorating for Christmas. Tis the season of lights and decoration. Most people put up their tree and decorate their homes this weekend. Are you one of them? Here are some ideas. Fresh wreaths smell wonderful. By adding lights, ribbon […] > View article

Flooring  is an essential part of any room. There are many types of materials to choose from. Ceramic tile, Wood, Natural stone, cork just to name a few. Cork is a wonderful option, it provides a comfort your feet will love. It is a great source of sound proofing, for those midnight snacks! Concrete has […] > View article

Selecting the right material and color for your counter top is vital in your kitchen. This is where you can merge style with function.  There are a vast array of natural stone, solid surface and wood materials to choose from. Coordinating a lighter counter top with dark cabinets will make a huge statement in your […] > View article

The good new is there are many options available for your wheelchair accessible kitchen.  Today’s manufacturers target those special needs. The kitchen below is a perfect example of combining beauty with necessity. Pictured below are several additions you can install to provide easy access to your kitchen. The cutting station and easy access mixer station […] > View article

  Are you tired of having to do the tango in your kitchen? Well you might want to add a touch of convenience to your cabinets. First break down your kitchen into zones. Most prepping is done near the sink, so why not store your cutlery close by. By organizing your cabinetry you can cut […] > View article

It’s that time of year again! A time for sharing good food with family and friends.Below are some ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table. Fine china and your best crystal make for an elegant table setting. By layering the plates and tying a simple ribbon to your stem ware you can create a dramatic effect. The […] > View article

Create that guest bathroom that they will all be talking about and never want to leave. Your friends will come over just to visit your bathroom, but don’t get jealous, they will think your the greatest designer ever! They don’t have to know that you created this for you, and your family. OK, what if […] > View article