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Cabinet Accents and Moldings

Who does not want a lovely home with beautiful décors and wonderful interiors? Perhaps only a hermit would want to keep his dwelling as austere as possible. You, on the other hand, would want to keep your place nice and charming –- very conducive for living. Furnishings without accessories, artwork, and accent pieces are like a cake without icing. They all add up to one thing...the finest custom-designed kitchen cabinet accents and moldings, and bathroom cabinetry installations you can find at, regardless of your budget.

Give Your Kitchen a Custom Look with High-End Accents and Moldings from

Your home is not your own until it tells your story. There are many ways to make your kitchen cabinets look great without breaking the bank! -- At

You can use our high-end kitchen cabinets to create more counter space, store food products, hide appliances, and display silverware. Depending on the space you allocate for the cabinets, you can decide on cabinets with top storage space for dishes or pull out drawers underneath the stove for pots and pans.

Decorative Touches for Your Kitchen at

Decorative cabinet accents provide a dramatic finishing touch to your kitchen cabinets. Our beautifully crafted cabinet moldings, embossed ornaments, textured panels and wood vents are available in maple, cherry, and oak. By using traditional manual techniques, The Cabinet Factory is able to produce intricate classic designs that would not be possible with machine manufacturing.

Our service and design team will assist you in making your own home’s kitchen or bathroom one that you will forever be proud to display.